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Laser weld- Laser cutting – Consulting

Laser weld- Laser cutting – Consulting

PIL&M Inc., expert  laser cutting and laser welding consultant for Medical and Aerospace. Our Laser Welding service leverages the extreme precision, non-contact capability of a fiber laser machine to provide clean and reliable fiber laser welding of even the most thin and fragile materials. Laser cutting and laser welding with PIL&M Inc. resolves many of the laser welding intricacies in a wide range of materials and material combinations, including stainless steels, carbon steels, aluminum, titanium, various metal alloys, and plastics. Our laser engineering consultants are highly skilled a over a 60yrs of combined experience in laser cutting and laser welding. We are here to help and we guarantee all our laser cutting and laser welding services. For more about our advanced laser engineering development, click here 

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