PIL&M Inc.

About Us

About Us

Our Goal

PIL&M – Quality, Loyalty, Commitment & Timeliness

Quality is utmost important in everything we do
Loyalty and Commitment to the clients we serve with
Timeliness on all the services we offer
And good steward to the environment and the community we live in.

Our Mission

Our primary objective is absolute commitment & dedication to our clients by listening to their needs and offering practical solutions with utmost quality benefits at a reasonable cost. In addition:

1. To strive with no reserve for the greatest possible reliability and quality in all our services

2. To streamline product manufacturability and enhance process development

3. To continue to research technical innovative advancement that will help our clients improve productivity – reduce cost, increase expediency and time to market

4. To align with all regulatory requirements, operate within all local and international standards and to remain in compliance with our internal quality standards.

5. Self-assessment of our internal manufacturing practices and business conducts through recognized self-auditing organizations.

6. To recognize the personal worth of our employees by providing an employment framework that allows personal development and advancement opportunity

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