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Biotech Staffing | Medical Device Staffing | Personnel Services | Temporary Help

Biotech Staffing | Medical Device Staffing | Personnel Services | Temporary Help

PIL&M Inc., a leader in biotech/medical device engineering consulting services and professional staffing/personnel services/temporary hire. Delivering customized talent search solutions for all engineering or technical needs. Our success is measured by how well we have helped your business create a winning team.

Businesses we serve

Many of our clients are small companies that need just a few people, for a few days or a week, or perhaps want a semi-permanent staff for six months or more, to get through a busy period. Most  do not have an HR team to interview and hire people, so it does not make sense to hire full time. They need someone or a team who can start working right away, and can be a real contributor from day one, whether in operations, quality, reliability, research & development, or regulatory. We collaborate with our clients to create temporary teams as well as present professional candidates for permanent placement, while you move through these early stages of growth.

The typical PIL&M client could be a start-up with a handful of people or an established business. Our clients are any organization that has a need for excellent value, talented staff and timely delivery. And you can be sure that the people we send to you are committed to do your job and are enthusiastic about being a part of your organization.

We are always excited to hear from new potential clients, and we hope that you will contact us soon.

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